Beekeepers strengthen sustainability of Tariquía Natural Reserve

The Beekeepers Association of the Tariquía Reserve (known by the Spanish acronym AART) is an association of honey producers operating in the Tariquía Flora and Fauna National Reserve (known by the Spanish acronym RNFFT), in the south of Bolivia. The Reserve was created in order to protect, manage and sustainably use wildlife, under official supervision. The aim is to prevent, according to its zoning and with strict monitoring and control, intensive and extensive use in the area. As part of the conservation work carried out, local farmers have been trained on alternative subsistence activities to reduce human pressure on the fragile forest ecosystem. The beekeeping project has been initiated in collaboration with a second organization, Naturaleza Tierra y Vida (NATIVA) and the establishment of AART, with the objective to achieve an integrated territorial management which guarantees forest sustainability.

Photo credit: Pintrest

Municipio de Padcaya, provincia de Aniceto Arce, departamento de Tarija, Bolivia.