2011 ILC Annual Report

This report describes the progress made by the International Land Coalition in 2011, a year characterised by the overlapping of two Strategic Framework periods. Programmatic areas in 2011 continued to build on past successes, while at the same time embracing and looking forward to new strategic directions. The core areas of ILC’s work in 2011 were influencing global and regional policy processes on land; monitoring land governance; contributing to
country-level land policy processes; and testing, learning, and working on the ground to secure land rights.

This report is structured around ILC’s programmatic result areas. Maps and tables show the volume and variety of activities carried out in each programme area. Success stories have been highlighted to illustrate some of ILC’s achievements, and interviews with members and partners provide an overview of our stakeholders’ work.

The report describes ILC’s new strategic direction for the next four years, and concludes with a summary table that illustrates the results achieved in key areas against the objectives set out under the old Strategic Framework. The Coalition’s achievements in 2011 are grouped under five key result areas, identified at the end of the quadrennial Strategic Framework 2007–2011.