2012 ILC Annual Report

Letter from the Co-Chairs: In 2003, when the Popular Coalition to Eradicate Hunger and Poverty was renamed the International Land Coalition (ILC) in recognition of its strategic focus on land access issues, it would have been difficult to imagine that what had begun as a loose knit conglomeration of extremely diverse entities would come to be a tightly bound coalition
of 116 organisations representing more than 50 countries, working on a common goal to promote secure and equitable access to land for rural people.

Ten years later, we have a voice that counts in global land governance arenas and have become a driving force for land rights on local, regional and national levels. We have jettisoned artificial boundaries between our diverse constituencies and institutions and demonstrated unequivocally that civil society and global institutions, while recognising and respecting differences in perspectives and approaches, find common ground and make
headway towards working together in pursuit of social justice and poverty alleviation.

In 2011, we launched an ambitious new plan for supporting collaborative national strategies in fourteen countries, empowering marginalised peoples and renewing government commitments towards land rights. We invested in pioneering partnerships devoted to tracking land acquisitions and transactions, notably creating the world’s most extensive online public database on data on large-scale land deals. We helped put poor and marginalised women and men in the driver’s seat of their own destiny by sponsoring participatory mapping of community land resources, which resolved conflicts and secured both collective and individual land rights. We strengthened our efforts as a leading advocate for women’s land rights, promoting genuine equality for women, and made a new commitment to help  embattled land rights defenders, who often suffer brutal retaliation for their work.

These and many other successful efforts combine to represent a result we can be truly proud of.

Over this past year, the vast majority of the ILC’s resources went to support civil society throughout the South to build their capacity not only to have their voices heard, but to build a common vision for the future.

We would like to thank our donors for their incredible generosity and long-term commitment to supporting the ILC.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the active engagement of our members and believing in and contributing to the mission of the ILC. IFAD, as founding member, host organisation of the Secretariat and one of the Coalition’s main donors, deserves a special mention. We also would like to offer our gratitude to the dedicated ILC Secretariat team and their indefatigable devotion to making our programmes a success.


Didi Odigie, Co-Chair
(Civil Society Organisations)

Jean-Philippe Audinet, Co-Chair
(Intergovernmental Organisations)