Baseline survey on women's access to agricultural land in Zambia

Final Research Report

Women in Sub-Saharan Africa including Zambia, constitute the majority of people living in rural areas. They provide over 70% of all agricultural labour required especially in food production done mainly at subsistence level (WLSA, 2001 p 16). Further studies have shown that over 60% of the active populations in Sub-Saharan Africa depend on land for livelihood (ECA, 2003). Similarly in Zambia, the majority of agricultural households based in rural areas including women depend on land for their livelihoods. According to the Agricultural Analytical Report (CSO, 2003, p 8) there are a total of 1.084,673 agricultural households in rural Zambia. Out of these 250,279 or 19.2% are female-headed households. Overall, 80.8% of the rural agricultural households are maleheaded.

This study focused on women’s land tenure security including access to, ownership and control of agricultural land.