Commercial Pressures on Land Worldwide

At the 11th Session of the Coalition Council in April 2008, ILC’s Council, highly concerned by the potential consequences of the increasing commercial interest on land for poor and vulnerable land users all over the world, decided that this should be a focus area for collaborative action as a coalition.

That was the starting point of an ILC global initiative articulated around different components, one of which is a global study seeking to understand the current and anticipated impacts on poverty of commercial pressures on
land, and to explore possible policy and operational solutions both to mitigate negative impacts and to enable poor land users to benefit from possible opportunities (
The present work is part of the ILC Collaborative Research Project on Commercial Pressures on Land scoping study, undertaken by ILC member AGTER ( This work is a background analysis in order to
identify priority issues and a conceptual framework for a Global Report by ILC members and partners to be released in the second half of 2010.