Communities'Views on the land policy

Draft Land Policy Review Consultation Process in Zambia

Over the last three years, the Government of the Republic of Zambia has been working on a new Land Policy. In order to carry out this task, the Government produced a Draft Land Policy document, which was made available to members of the public to discuss and state what they think about the document. This was done to make sure that the new Land Policy to be produced would be accepted by the majority of the people in Zambia.

In order to share ideas and views received from members of the public on the Draft Land Policy, the Zambia Land Alliance has produced this booklet. The booklet contains a simplified summary of the observations and recommendations made by communities and traditional leaders with whom the Technical Committee held discussions. Some of the technical terms which have not been simplified in the main text of the booklet have been explained in the glossary at the end. The purpose of the booklet is to document the views and ambitions of selected communities and traditional leaders on Zambia’s Land Policy for the information of members of the general public. The booklet also seeks to provide feedback to the communities and traditional leaders who were interviewed in order to verify whether or not their views and concerns have been adequately reflected.