Family farming and land governance: towards a people-centred approach

Synthesis of findings of a research project supported by the International Land Coalition


The members of the International Land Coalition (ILC) share a common concern that family farmers and small‑scale producers must be given their rightful place in feeding the world of the future. They also share a recognition that secure rights to land, water, and other natural resources are a foundational element for this to be achieved.

This synthesis paper attempts to learn what might be some of the elements of success, bringing together the results of six different research projects supported by ILC across the globe. As such, this paper is one step towards giving more substance to the concept of “people‑centred land governance” – i.e. land governance for people, with people, and by people – that ILC members defined and committed themselves to in Antigua, Guatemala in 2013.

Undertaken during the International Year of Family Farming (IYFF) in 2014, this research is intended to provide some pointers in the ongoing and long‑term effort by ILC’s membership and beyond to work towards the conditions that will enable family farming to thrive. We hope you find it useful.

Michael Taylor

Director, ILC Secretariat 

Julian Quan, University of Greenwich