ILC Global Research Project on the International Year of Family Farming (IYFF)

In the context of a wider commitment to promote the 2014 International year of Family Farming (IYFF), the International Land Coalition has coordinated seven country level research activities that focus on the intersection between land rights and family farming, and the role played by farmers and small-scale food producers in people-centred land governance. Each of the papers are accompanied by a policy brief, while the forthcoming synthesis paper will review and critically analyses the ILC-supported research projects.

We would like to thank all of those involved in the elaboration of these papers for their hard work and dedication.
Opinions expressed in these publications are those of the author organisations alone, and can in no way be taken to reflect the official views of ILC.

Preliminary Findings
How can land governance and support to small-scale family farming work together to strengthen food security and reduce poverty?
AUTHOR: Julian Quan
YEAR: 2014


TITLE: Participatory Land Use Planning to Support Tanzanian Farmer and Pastoralist Investment
AUTHORS: Abigail Hart, EcoAgriculture Partners and Cornell University; Elly Tumsifu, University of Dar es Salaam; Winnie Nguni, University of Dar es Salaam; John Recha, ERMCSD; Zacharia Malley, Agricultural Research Institute ‑ Uyole; Rodgers Masha, Tanzania Agricultural Partnership; Louise Buck, EcoAgriculture Partners and Cornell University
YEAR: 2014

TITLE: Negotiating Sustainable Livelihoods in Rural North-West China
AUTHORS: ZUO Ting; WANG Zhi-jie, China Agricultural University
YEAR: 2014



TITLE: Community-Focused Land Governance: experiences and recommendations of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) Peasant's Platform
YEAR: 2014


TITLE:  Land ownership: challenges faced by rural women
SPANISH VERSION: Los desafíos que enfrentan las mujeres rurales para tener tierra
AUTHOR: Selmira Flores, Carmen Collado, Lilliam Flores
YEAR: 2014



TITLECustomary vs. State laws of Land Governance: Adivasi Joint Family Farmers Seek Policy Support
AUTHOR: T.R. Suma, MS Swaminathan Research Foundation
YEAR: 2014


Global Synthesis Paper
TITLE: Family Farming and Land Governance: Towards a People-Centred Approach  
AUTHOR: Julian Quan
YEAR: 2015



TITLEWomen and Family Farming
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Daley, Sabine Pallas, Elisabetta Cagelosi
YEAR: 2015