ILC Member Feedback Survey 2014

In order to better understand opportunities for improvement, ILC undertakes a  member survey every two years. The results of the 2014 survey showed that being part of a network has had a positive impact on ILC members' work.  

Key findings summarise:

l On average, respondents give ILC a rating of 16 out of 20 for how well the Secretariat meets their needs in general. This rating is significantly higher than the one received in the 2012 and 2009 surveys.

“The ILC’s Secretariat staff are very effective in response to our urgent needs.”

l The overall value of relationships established as a result of participating in ILC is rated 12 out of 20. This is a lower rating than in 2012.

“The ILC should encourage deeper relationships between the partner institutions as well as foster greater involvement in thematic groups”

l The level of synergy (sharing of common interests, similar concerns and participating in the network’s strategy) within the ILC network is rated 17 out of 20. This is a slightly higher rating than in 2012.

“We have little experience within the platform, but we noticed high levels of participation and democracy for decision making. We hope to be more active in discussions and dialogues against decisions.”

l Respondents give a rating of 15.5 out of 20 on the extent to which their participation in the ILC network has met their expectations. This is a significantly higher rating than in 2012.

“The value derived by my organisation in participating in ILC events or activities are learning exchanges and new ideas on how to tackle challenges in the land sector which are often not unique from experiences in other parts of the world or regions.”

l In terms of general impact on constituents’ work, respondents give ILC a score of 14 out of 20. This rating is higher than 2012.

“Membership with ILC has promoted partnership/alliance building, knowledge generation for learning and new advocacy strategies for addressing the needs of the beneficiaries of our work.”