ILC Membership Contribution Policy

Approved by the Assembly of Members Kathmandu, Nepal 24th April 2009

This document sets out the conditions and modalities of ILC members’ contributions to ILC network operating costs and program activities.

Membership contributions build on the following assumptions:
(i) There is a generally common willingness among ILC members to share in the ILC operating and program costs, which is expressed in the ILC governance structure and related ILC approved documents.
(ii) The levels and forms of contributions by members take into account differences in types of members, and their specific administrative and financial procedures
(iii) Rather than part of a resource mobilisation strategy, contributions are a means for members to express a sense of ownership and commitment to the Coalition.
(iv) Any payments made by members in order to satisfy the above obligations are here called “contributions”, which include in kind or in cash payments, programme support or staff time contributions.

This document introduces membership contributions into the ILC network, following the results of the discussions held by the Coalition Council in its 12th session. After approval by the Assembly of Members, this contribution policy has become effective starting from 2010.