Independent Mid-Term Review of the Strategic Framework 2011-2015

of the International Land Coalition and Management Response

Executive Summary

The current ILC Strategic Framework, approved at the Tirana Assembly of Members (AoM) in 2011, covers the period 2011-2015, with the general thrust of catalysing partnerships for a stronger commitment to a pro-poor land governance agenda. Halfway through its implementation, this Mid-Term Review (MTR) assesses the continued validity of the Strategic Framework and progress made towards its Strategic Objectives. More specifically the MTR examines the following key aspects:

  • Relevance of the Strategic Framework
  • Progress towards the outcomes (i.e. Strategic Objectives)
  • Effectiveness in the delivery of the Strategic Framework, including Monitoring and Learning

The reflections and assessments of this MTR are to serve as a sound and systematic basis for a participatory learning process aimed at formulating a set of concrete, feasible and realistic recommendations. Given that this MTR concerns the Strategic Framework of an international advocacy coalition with over 150 diverse member organisations, a mixed-method review approach has been applied, specifically designed for the review of a network organisation pursuing complex, non-linear change.