International Land Coalition Strategy 2016-2021

This Strategic Framework will guide the work of the ILC from 2016-21, and will be instrumental in ensuring ILC is able to meet its mandate and achieve its goal: To realise land governance for and with people at the country level, responding to the needs and protecting the rights of those who live on and from the land.

What we will do to achieve our goal:

As a network for learning and action, ILC supports its members through three Strategic Objectives:

ILC CONNECTS members to each other and to change-makers beyond the Coalition, creating opportunities for dialogue, mutual learning, and joint action.

ILC MOBILISES members by facilitating informed and effective action, through accessible and usable knowledge and tools, and by creating opportunities for innovation, piloting, and scaling up.

ILC INFLUENCES key decision-makers, including governments, their partners, and corporate actors and investors to engage with civil society actors as legitimate and necessary interlocutors and partners in achieving land governance for and with people.