An Introduction to ILC's Rangelands Initiative

A brief on ILC's Rangelands Initiative to showcase the work ILC members are doing at regional level on rangelands and semi-arid areas.

The Rangelands Initiative of the International Land Coalition (ILC) is a global programme facilitating learning between and providing technical support to different actors who are working to make rangelands more tenure secure. The programme works through ILC members and partners, and ILC commitment-based initiatives in Africa coordinated by RECONCILE (Resource Conflict Institute) Kenya, in Latin America coordinated by FUNDAPAZ (Foundation for Development in Justice and Peace) Argentina, and in Asia coordinated by JASIL Mongolia and MARAG (Maldahari Rural Action Group) India. The global component is lead by a group of core partners - ILRI, UNEP, IFAD, FAO, ICARD - Pastoralist Knowledge Hub and the US-based Rangelands Partnership, and coordinated by ILRI.The Rangelands Initiative supports ILC members and partners to develop or influence enabling policy and legislation, and to improve the implementation of policy and legislation in a manner that protects rangelands resources and supports productive and sustainable rangeland use. A key input to this is the joint identification of solutions based on innovation and good practice, through research, knowledge generation, and experience sharing. This series of Issue Papers documents and shares some of the experiences, information, and knowledge generated during these processes.