Land Administration Policy in Indonesia

The law relating to land in Indonesia is extraordinarily complex with an estimated 572 plus laws, regulations, and other documents relating to land and formal government processes.

An order of key documents follows:

  • Under the national philosophy of Pancasila
  • UUD 1945, the Constitution –Article 33
  • UUPA 5/1960 with Articles 1-15 being basic land policy fundamentals for land management, and following articles for technical landmanagement – Basic Agrarian Law
  • TAPMPR (People’sAdvisoryAssembly) 9/2001 – Agrarian Reforn dan Natural Resource Management
  • MPR (People’sAdvisory Assembly) Decree 5/2003 - Presidential Decree 34/2003
  • Presidential Regulation 10/2006 which provides the functions of BPN operate at 3 levels: national, regional and sectoral, principally in national land policies, land affairs technical policies, administration, surveying registrationmapping and so on.
  • Presidential Speech 2007 Jan 31.