Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

Principles, roles and core processes

In 2007, the Assembly of Members approved a new Strategic Framework to guide the direction and work of the ILC from 2007 until 2011. The purpose of this ILC Monitoring and Evaluation Framework is to set out the principles, roles and core processes by which the ILC will monitor and evaluate implementation of the Strategic Framework and annual/multi-year workplans and budgets. The M&E Framework (MEF) is not intended as an operations or procedures manual for M&E; rather it acts as a stepping stone for the ILC to elaborate in full detail the M&E processes set out here.

The M&E framework seeks to improve future performance of the ILC as a member-led organization that adds value to its members and provides members with opportunities to collectively advance the land policy agenda in ways they would not be able to do as individual organizations or through existing networks. This requires that efficiency and effectiveness indicators are necessary but not sufficient concepts within the ILC M&E.