National Engagement Strategy Brochure

National Engagement Strategies - often referred to as “NES” - are multi-stakeholder processes set in motion by the International Land Coalition (ILC) to promote people-centred land governance. NES processes and their platforms are led by national actors and include ILC members and non-members.

Through these platforms, land actors such as grassroots, civil society, intergovernmental organisations, research centers and government come together to formulate country strategies and multi-year action plans to address some of the country’s land-related priorities.

NES is a space for governments to approach, listen to and interact with civil society, to complement expertise and share knowledge to improve the state of their country’s land governance. NES work plans include activities such as land monitoring, spatial mapping, land conflict resolution, legal aid, capacity building, policy dialogue and gender sensitive approaches and tools.

The overall aim is to influence the formulation and implementation of land-related policies and legal frameworks using the ILC’s 10 commitments to people‑centred land governance as their compass, and promote the use of instruments such as the Voluntary Guidelines for Land Tenure (VGGTs) and the Framework and Guidelines on Land Policy in Africa.