New Policy Brief on the World Food Day Mobilisation for Land Rights Now

A new policy brief highlights the link between recognizing community land rights and ensuring global food security and climate protection. Specifically, it takes an in-depth look at community advocates fighting to secure their and rights in opposition to the global food industry and government development policy. The six case studies cover the following land rights campaigns:

  • Kenya: After a court victory, the Ogiek People still await justice
  • Myanmar: Roads destroy lands and livelihoods in conflict-prone region of Myanmar 
  • Peru: The Shipibo struggle for recognition of their land rights while companies easily acquire their territories
  • Uganda: Indigenous Peoples forced from their homes “in the name of conservation” despite court victory
  • Guatemala: Evicted for a sugar plantation, Indigenous Peoples face poverty and hunger
  • Australia: members of the Yuin Nation face criminal charges for subsistence fishing

The brief also makes recommendations to governments, financial instititions and companies, global bilateral and multilateral donors, and consumers.

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