SDG opportunities and spaces

The SDG Agenda will be the overarching global framework for many years to come. And in order to keep the Agenda on track, the land community needs more and better coordinated work at global and national levels.

Various SDGs processes and structures have been developed from the global to the national level. These processes are still at an early stage and most of them are still evolving. This opens up interesting opportunities to influence their evolution but can also causes additional difficulties, particularly linked with the different approaches across countries. Furthermore, some processes require further improvement in order to deliver on their mandates. 

At the national level, it is critical that ILC’s National Engagement Strategies (NES) and ILC Members scale up their engagement with national authorities and institutions. Country level lobbying and advocacy work is critical because without it, progress made in the last years on land within the SDGs may be lost.

ILC will be supporting Members at country level through our Commitment Based Initiatives and National Engagement Strategies.

ILC's Regional Conferences and the 2018 Global Land Forum are also critical moments for Members to come together and strategise on how collectively we can move the SDG agenda forward at all levels.