Languages Express and Shape the Way We Understand the World

Guangchun Gangmei, Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact
Viernes, 9th Agosto 2019

On International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, Guangchun Gangmei of Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact, shares with us the importance of preserving indigenous languages, as they play a crucial role in the daily lives of people.

Lack of policy implementation holds back women’s land rights in Africa

Martes, 23rd Julio 2019

By Emmanuel Sulle

New Law “On Pastures” In The Republic Of Uzbekistan

Lunes, 15th Julio 2019

On the 20th May 2019, a new law "On Pastures” was adopted by the Legislative Chamber of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and then signed by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The law had been discussed numerous times at different political levels during the last five years.

Land governance at Global Soil Week 2019

Juliet Tsuma, Communication and Administrative Assistant, ILC Africa.
Martes, 25th Junio 2019

On 27-30 May 2019 around 200 actors engaged in talks to initiate and reinforce guidelines and actions on sustainable soil management and land governance at the World Agroforestry headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Seven Habits of Good Leaders: My Experience with the ILC Leadership Programme

Binod Gautam - Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Coordination, CSRC
Jueves, 20th Junio 2019

Binod Gautam of Community Self-Reliance Centre Nepal was a participant of the ILC Asia Leadership Programme back in March 2019 in the Philippines. In this blog, he shares with us the importance of youth leadership in claiming land rights in his community.

Inicia el Decenio de la Agricultura Familiar

Pedro Guzmán (RENAF Colombia)
Martes, 11th Junio 2019

La Red Nacional de Agricultura Familiar (RENAF) de Colombia -punto focal de la Iniciativa Regional sobre AF que promueve la ILC ALC- estuvo presente en el lanzamiento del Decenio de la ONU para la Agricultura Familiar 2019-2028 compartiendo el trabajo que viene impulsando en el tema.