Land governance at Global Soil Week 2019

Juliet Tsuma, Communication and Administrative Assistant, ILC Africa.
Martes, 25th Junio 2019

On 27-30 May 2019 around 200 actors engaged in talks to initiate and reinforce guidelines and actions on sustainable soil management and land governance at the World Agroforestry headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

Learning to action: how an initiative transforms land protection in remote settings across the world

Rachael Knight, Senior Advisor for Land, Namati
Jueves, 13th Septiembre 2018

From the Namati Blog series 1/6

In early February 2018, seven NGOs met for a weeklong workshop in Aberdare, Kenya, to take-part in the ILC’s Community Land Protection Co-Learning Initiative. The Initiative aims to build a supportive community of practice to facilitate learning between community land rights advocates. The Initiative’s emphasis on peer-to-peer learning, rather than on expert-led training or capacity building, is designed to explicitly acknowledge practitioners’ expertise and to celebrate each participant’s unique knowledge and experience.

LANDMARK: Más que mapas, un sueño convirtiéndose en realidad

Jueves, 12th Abril 2018

Conversamos con Richard Smith, director ejecutivo del Instituto del Bien Común (IBC) sobre el desarrollo de LandMark y el sueño detrás de esta iniciativa global