Dinesh Rabari

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Council Representative
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Dinesh is a well-known Pastoral Leader and a Social Activist in the province of Gujarat, India. He is a

pastoralist and has always had a passion for working on human rights. To realize his vision, he has completed his Undergraduate Degree in Rural Development and a Postgraduate Degree in Development

Management. Over the last 17 years, he has worked in different capacities to amplify the issues of marginalized communities and groups, such as Dalits, Children, Women, Pastoralists, Physically Challenged, Tribal people, Minorities, Landless and Single Women. He has demonstrated great strength in community mobilizing, alliance building, developing leadership, bringing diverse stakeholders such as social, community, religious and political leaders together in one platform and enabled their contributions toward a common cause. He is a champion of pastoralists and Land issues. The clarity of his thoughts, self-confidence, and vision for a better society has taken him to great heights at a young age. His vision for a society where people are self-reliant and live sustainably has its roots in progressive, traditional cultural practices.