Patricia Chaves

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Espaço Feminista
Council Co-Chair
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Patricia Chaves is the executive director of Espaço Feminista, a Brazilian feminist organization dedicated to the economic and political empowerment of women. At Espaço Feminista, Ms. Chaves has developed leadership and skills of rural and urban grassroots women in participation and decision-making, but overall in the control of public policies implementation to favor women and reduce the gender gap in the access, use, control and ownership of land. She is especially focused on the linkages between land regularization, food security and women’s land rights. With a strong background in business administration and post-graduated in Business Studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) London, her work is dedicated to the empowerment of rural and urban women.

Patricia worked for 7 years as a consultant for United Nations Development Program, Inter American Institute for Agricultural Cooperation, and as an IFAD project director. She worked for 6 years as a consultant to the Minister of Agrarian Development of Brazil and during that period had the opportunity to understand the struggle of land movements in Brazil. The last 14 years she has dedicated to the work as the executive-director of Espaço Feminista, where she was able to combine her experience with a practical work on the ground in favor of women’s empowerment.