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LandCam : Securing land and resource rights in Cameroon

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Cameroun matériels de formation sur le CLIP : « Les communautés en contrôle »

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Alianza de agricultura agropastoral en Camerún

El marco legal existente faculta a la Comisión Agro Pastoral para resolver conflictos entre agricultores y pastores; sin embargo, el proceso es costoso, engorroso e ineficaz. MBOSCUDA introdujo un procedimiento de Gestión Alternativa de Conflictos (ACM) a través del cual las comunidades de...

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Case Studies

Agro-pastoral farming alliance in Cameroon

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ILC members celebrate International Womens Day

ILC Africa members celebrate International Women’s Day

Miércoles, 3rd Abril 2019

The 2018 Global Gender Gap report shows that though countries have done much to improve gender parity, there is still a wide gap to cover.

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NES Cameroon at the Youth Agro-pastoral Entrepreneurship Summit in Cameroon

Michelle Sonkoue, NES Facilitator, Cameroon
Martes, 2nd Abril 2019

To reduce Cameroon’s dependency on importing large quantity of food to feed its growing population, the country is counting on its youth who make up more than half of its population.

MBOSCUDA women celebrate Women’s Day

Mrs Balkisou Bouba and Mrs Aehshatou Manu, Gender Department, MBOSCUDA
Lunes, 18th Marzo 2019

The 08th of March celebrated world-wide as the international day of the woman was equally celebrated in Cameroon.

Stakeholders at the Cameroon Land Tenure Week included women and indigenous groups. Photo credit: CED

More voices for land reform in Cameroon

Miércoles, 6th Marzo 2019

With inclusion as a core objective, the Cameroon Land Tenure Week fosters dialogue and put the land question on top of the national debate agenda.

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Le Cameroun se dote d’un Observatoire du foncier

Viernes, 1st Marzo 2019

L’initiative est de la Stratégie Nationale d’Engagement [au Cameroun- une processus multipartites mis en place par la Coalition internationale pour l’accès à la terre (ILC) afin de promouvoir la gouvernance foncière centrée sur les personnes].

Finding answers to rangelands conflicts

Peter Ken Otieno, Technical Coordinator, Rangelands Initiative Africa | RECONCILE and Angela Nyanchama, Policy Research & Advocacy Officer at RECONCILE
Miércoles, 6th Febrero 2019

In 2018, pastoral conflicts claimed more lives in Africa than terrorism according to the African Union. The ILC Rangelands Initiative in Africa commissioned studies that examines little tweaks that can bring change.