Institutional Documents

2016 Asia Annual Report

The Regional Coordination Unit of ILC Asia
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Formulating our Action Agenda: Putting People Centred Land Governance in Asia

Every year, the ILC Asia  Regional Land Forum is a unique opportunity to bring together many of the most prominent land-related organisations in the region, including  grassroots organisations, activists, local and international NGOs, researchers, multilateral organisations and government agencies.  Action-oriented, the Forum's programme is structured to provide opportunities to participants who may not otherwise interact in person, to debate, exchange, learn from each other's experiences and to build linkages.

Asia Regional Assembly 2017

Bishkek, Kyrgyztan
De Martes, 12th Septiembre 2017 hasta Viernes, 15th Septiembre 2017
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A Working Group Meeting on Pasture Land in Central Asia Reached its Excitement

Lunes, 13th Marzo 2017

Organized by ILC Asia members in Central Asia, KAFLU (Kyrgyz Association of Forest and Land Users) and JASIL, the working group which led on 21-22 of February in Bishkek, focused on sharing experiences and lesson learned from each participant. 28 participants from organization’s members from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan with some Kyrgyzstan’s government representative, deeply involved in every step of this event.

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Regional Steering Committee

The ILC Asia Steering Committee (ASC) is elected by the Regional Assembly. The ASCpursues and monitors the planning and implementation of decisions made by theRegional Assembly, and thus also supervises the work of the RCU. Specifically, the ASC commits to undertake the following tasks as per decisions made ata meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia:

Involucramiento de las comunidades locales en la ordenación conjunta de los ecosistemas forestales

Los bosques son cruciales para salvaguardar la tierra, el medio ambiente y los medios de subsistencia de los hogares de las zonas rurales. No obstante, en Kirguistán, problemas tales como la explotación maderera ilegal o la ordenación ineficaz de los recursos forestales amenazan los bosques y...

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ILC-AFA VGGT national VGGT consultations

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Miércoles, 27th Mayo 2015
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Case Studies

Engaging local communities in forest ecosystem co‑management in Kyrgyzstan

ILC, Rural Development Fund
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