ILC Asia 2017 Regional Assembly – Stronger Coalition Braided in Central Asia

Miércoles, 27th Septiembre 2017

A moment for the Asia members to gather and to build the plans for the coming years is returning again this year. With the warmth culture of the Kyrgyz republic, the process was being carried out through a productive and solid discussion among all. 

ILC Asia Members' Declaration on the International Youth Day

Domingo, 13th Agosto 2017

For the very first time, ILC Asia started the discussion to include the youths within its struggle over land. Young farmers from five Asian countries gathered in Bogor, Indonesia from the 10th to 12th of August 2017. Participants in the regional gathering brainstormed ideas on youth and land which resulted in a common agenda of working together for a campaign with the commitments of organizations who participated. The initiative called “Securing the Future: Land Rights for Rural Youths” was opened on the occasion of International Youth Day 2017.

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Institutional Documents

2016 Asia Annual Report

The Regional Coordination Unit of ILC Asia
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Our commitment: Secure territorial rights for Indigenous Peoples

Lunes, 10th Julio 2017

Asia is home to more than half of the world’s population, where about 260 million indigenous peoples are spreading throughout the continent, making it the most culturally diverse region in the world. 

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Formulating our Action Agenda: Putting People Centred Land Governance in Asia

Every year, the ILC Asia  Regional Land Forum is a unique opportunity to bring together many of the most prominent land-related organisations in the region, including  grassroots organisations, activists, local and international NGOs, researchers, multilateral organisations and government agencies.  Action-oriented, the Forum's programme is structured to provide opportunities to participants who may not otherwise interact in person, to debate, exchange, learn from each other's experiences and to build linkages.

ILC Capacity Building on Spatial Data Management for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLC)

Miércoles, 12th Abril 2017

ILC Asia member in the Philippines, PAFID (Philippines Association for Intercultural Development, Inc.) organized a training on Spatial Data management at Brentwood Suites, Quezon City, and the Dagwey Training Center, Imugan, Santa Fe, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines. 

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Women's Public Leadership In Peace

Lunes, 10th Abril 2017

“Only social movements can address social change” - Santiago, on women’s involvement in public spaces, said that. Having worked with indigenous and Muslim women most of her life, she said “if by tradition, women and girls are designated to set the family dining table, then another table has been put up to which can be attributed some of the successful stages of the talks, the peace table is set-up and put into strategic position by the women themselves.”

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Lunes, 27th Marzo 2017

Marking International Women’s Day 2017, Vice Chairperson of the Philippines's ILC Asia member, Asian Farmer Association has made a breakthrough as one of the eight enlightened women in making changes. 

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PES first phase - Photo credit: Hope Sanico

El pago por servicios ecosistémicos conecta a las comunidades urbanas con los pueblos indígenas

En 2011, el Tifón Washi devastó la ciudad de Cagayan de Oro e impulsó a que las instituciones empelaran mecanismos sostenibles para la reducción y gestión del riesgo de desastres. Uno de los proyectos introducidos fue el pago por servicios ecosistémicos, un mecanismo financiero sostenible...

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Case Studies

El pago por servicios ecosistémicos conecta a las comunidades urbanas con los pueblos indígenas

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