Investigating the use of communication approaches within land governance initiatives across the ILC network in Africa

Will N Barnett, masters student at the University of Sheffield
Viernes, 1st Noviembre 2019

For six weeks in June and July I undertook an internship and placement with the ILC within their Regional Coordination Unit for Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. 

ILC members celebrate International Womens Day

ILC Africa members celebrate International Women’s Day

Miércoles, 3rd Abril 2019

The 2018 Global Gender Gap report shows that though countries have done much to improve gender parity, there is still a wide gap to cover.

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E-learning & Courses

WEBINAR REPORT - Innovations to help secure pastoral land tenure and governance

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WEBINAR - Local solutions to strengthen women’s voices in land governance

Martes, Abril 30, 2019
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Women’s Day celebration in Tanzania

Masalu Luhula
Lunes, 25th Marzo 2019

Roughly 24 years after the Beijing declaration, women are yet to enjoy equal rights as men. 

WEBINAR - Innovations to help secure pastoral land tenure and governance

Jueves, Marzo 28, 2019
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Media regulation in a democratic framework, Africa

Jueves, Marzo 21, 2019

Part 1: 9-27 September, 2019
Part 2: 2 weeks in January/February, 2020 Location

Part 1: Kalmar, Sweden
Part 2: To be decided Number of participants: 25

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E-learning & Courses

Strengthening Women's Rights, Empowering Communities: Women's Leadership Forums in northern Tanzania

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What makes civil society land networks effective and durable?

Cara Scott and Emmanuel Sulle
Martes, 18th Diciembre 2018

Networks provide an increasingly popular organizational structure for collective action on land rights in Africa and elsewhere around the world, but sustaining networks’ impact, engagement, and resourcing can be challenging.

Empower beyond borders! (Second Review Cycle) Global Empowerment Grant

Viernes, Noviembre 9, 2018
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