Investigating the use of communication approaches within land governance initiatives across the ILC network in Africa

Will N Barnett, masters student at the University of Sheffield
Viernes, 1st Noviembre 2019

For six weeks in June and July I undertook an internship and placement with the ILC within their Regional Coordination Unit for Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Photo by WILDAF

WILDAF strengths women CSO capacity on transformational leadership and Advocacy.

Viernes, 5th Julio 2019

To deepen knowledge and consolidate the achievements of the first training, the Women in Law and Development in Africa (WILDAF) - West Africa, organised on July 2 - 3 2019 a second workshop on transformational leadership and advocacy.

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Manuals & Toolkits

WIDGRA scorecard on women's land rights

Sue Mbaya
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ILC members celebrate International Womens Day

ILC Africa members celebrate International Women’s Day

Miércoles, 3rd Abril 2019

The 2018 Global Gender Gap report shows that though countries have done much to improve gender parity, there is still a wide gap to cover.

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Deuxième édition du forum foncier de la société civile à Atakpamé - Togo

Abdoul-Rachid Matcheri, Chargé de Communication, SNE Togo
Jueves, 7th Marzo 2019

Les 25-27 février, les Organisations de la Société civile se sont rencontrées pour discuter des moyens pour avancer dans la gouvernance foncière avec la nouvelle loi et sont convenus d'une déclaration générale.

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Afiwa Kafui Kuwonu
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Yovo Afi Reine
land_rights_for_food_Israel Bionyi/ILC Africa

ILC Africa members celebrate World Food Day 2018

Lunes, 22nd Octubre 2018

In January this year, the African Union renewed its commitment to end hunger by 2025. In recent years, efforts to reverse hunger in Africa have multiplied, but as the UN State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2017 shows, real progress is yet to follow.  Globally, 767 million people live in extreme poverty, half of them in sub-Saharan Africa. Across the continent, it is popular opinion that the African nations need to go beyond windy promises.

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APRENDA, COMPARTA E INSPÍRESE: Aprendizaje desde la Base de Datos de Buenas Prácticas – Igualdad en los Derechos a la Tierra para las Mujeres

El Compromiso 4 de ILC busca promover la justicia de género en temas de tierras, incluyendo tanto la igualdad de jure como de facto en los derechos a la tierra para las mujeres. La ...

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Case Studies

LEARN, SHARE AND BE INSPIRED: Learning from the Database of Good Practices - Equal Land Rights for Women

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