The International Land Coalition is governed by the Assembly of Members (AoM), which is the supreme governing body responsible for establishing the overall strategies and policies of the ILC, ensuring that the network remains in compliance with the intention of the members.

The ILC Council serves as the executive board, and is in charge of the overall responsibilities of governance between meetings of the AoM.

ILC is organised at the regional level with the Regional Committees (Africa, Asia and LAC) that work with and for the ILC members, ensuring that the priorities and actions of the ILC are more relevant to the specific regional and sub-regional contexts.

The ILC Secretariat executes the programme of work approved by the ILC Council and is also responsible for supporting the effective functioning of the ILC, taking into account its diverse character and regionalisation approach in the implementation of its activities. It is headed by the Director, who is an ex-officio member of the AoM and the Council.

The Regional Coordination Units are headed by a Regional Coordinator, and facilitate the delivery of the regional strategy and work plans. Regional Coordination Units are hosted by one or more ILC members.