Regional Steering Committee

The ILC Asia Steering Committee (ASC) is elected by the Regional Assembly. The ASC pursues and monitors the planning and implementation of decisions made by the Regional Assembly, and thus also supervises the work of the RCU. Specifically, the ASC commits to undertake the following tasks as per decisions made in a meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia:

  • Review and approve the workplan of the ILC Asia Region;
  • Review and assess the performance of the ARF on an annual basis;
  • Represent the ILC Asia Regional Assembly on the Coalition Council (through two CSOs elected by the Asia caucus during the ILC AoM);
  • Steer the institutional and programme activities of the RCU (i.e. Regional Assembly ASC, conferences, etc.);
  • Represent or nominate members from the region to attend global or regional events of strategic importance that require Asian participation, ensuring that members report back to the Steering Committee;
  • Oversee the implementation of decisions taken by the Regional Assembly

There are a maximum of seven members of the ASC at any given time:

  • two CSO representatives elected for a period of two years during the regional caucus meeting at the ILC Global AoM (for a maximum of two terms/four years), who represent ILC Asia on the Coalition Council (CC)
  • if requested by the region’s members, two CSO members of the previous ASC/CC can remain on the Steering Committee for up to two years following the handover process;
  • two representatives from amongst international organisations, and research institute members from the region; and the ILC Asia host organisation

List of Regional Steering Committee Members

The RCU, represented by the Asia Regional Coordinator, serves as the secretariat of the Steering Committee. Further, to ensure linkages, harmonisation, and optimisation between the global and regional dimensions of ILC’s work (as in the other regions), the ILC Secretariat participates in Steering Committee meetings on an ex-officio basis. 

The following members form the Asia Steering Commitee:

1. Maldhari Rural Action Group (MARAG)

2. STAR Kampuchea (STAR K)

4. Kyrgyz Jayity

5. Consortium for Agrarian Reform/Konsorsium Pembaruan Agraria (KPA) – ILC Asia – regional host organization