Workshop trained participants how to use STDM to secure tenure

A tool to secure tenure for all in Francophone Africa

Viernes, 15th Marzo 2019

Across French speaking Africa, communities are battling governments and companies to preserve their historical rights to land. An inclusive land tool developed by the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) is helping communities determine borders and protect their rights.

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Stakeholders at the Cameroon Land Tenure Week included women and indigenous groups. Photo credit: CED

More voices for land reform in Cameroon

Miércoles, 6th Marzo 2019

With inclusion as a core objective, the Cameroon Land Tenure Week fosters dialogue and put the land question on top of the national debate agenda.

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Public hearing in Senegal on land governance

Senegal’s public hearing on land governance

Martes, 5th Marzo 2019

An innovation born from the recent presidential elections in Senegal is its public exchange of ideas on land between presidential candidates and voters.

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The case for an International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists

Miércoles, 20th Marzo 2019

Although livestock supports the livelihoods and food security of almost 1.3 billion people, its keepers, including pastoralists still feel marginalised. The Government of Mongolia and other countries are calling for an International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists (IYRP) to increase their recognition and the importance of rangelands.

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Millions of Adivasi and forest dwellers face eviction

Jueves, 14th Marzo 2019

On 13 February, 2019 the Supreme Court of India ordered the evictions of indigenous peoples and forest dwellers in more than 16 states. The decision effectively rejects the claims of forest dwellers to use, manage and govern their native forests, according to the Forest Rights Act. If this were to be implemented, it could lead to the eviction of more than 2 million families. While the decision has been temporarily suspended by the Indian Government, it may yet go ahead. This video and legal brief (from Land Forum India) explain the current situation, and what is at stake for neglected forest communities. 

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Más allá de Escazú: Fortaleciendo el marco normativo sobre protección de defensores del medioambiente

Viernes, 1st Marzo 2019

En América Latina, los defensores y defensoras del medioambiente padecen alarmantes niveles de violencia por la labor que realizan[1]. Diversos Estados de la región han dado un importante paso hacia su protección al adoptar el Acuerdo de Escazú para combatir la espiral de violencia que sufren estos importantes actores.

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