Kyrgyz Jayity

Using green economy to mitigate climate change in Kyrgyzstan

Miércoles, 20th Noviembre 2019

Members of the National Engagement Strategy (NES) Kyrgyzstan explores the principles of green economy to help mitigate climate change and empower farmers in the country's rural areas. 

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Photo Credit: ©IFAD/Radhika Chalasani

South Asian herders fight for right to roam as pressure to settle grows

Martes, 22nd Octubre 2019

Herders around the world are under pressure from governments to settle down and stop their livestock roaming, as they contend with land conflicts and climate change

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Central Asia Pastoral Alliance Moves Forward with New Triennial Work Plan

Sábado, 28th Septiembre 2019

The Central Asia arm of the Working Group of Asia Rangelands Initiative - or in ILC Asia terms, members of the Diverse Tenure Systems Commitment-Based Initiative (CBI 3) - has just recently held a strategic planning meeting for the next triennial work period.

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Minagri works to close titling gaps in Amazonian native communities by 2021

Miércoles, 25th Septiembre 2019

The Minister stressed the importance of organizing forums to exchange experiences on the problem of land fragmentation. She highlighted the work carried out by Minagri to improve the living conditions of small farmers.

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Building Regional Solidarity for People-Centered Land Governance

Lunes, 5th Agosto 2019

At the Facilitators’ Meeting in Ahmedabad, India, participants raised the importance of building regional solidarity among ILC Asia platforms in striving for people-centered land governance in the region.

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The case for an International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists

Miércoles, 20th Marzo 2019

Although livestock supports the livelihoods and food security of almost 1.3 billion people, its keepers, including pastoralists still feel marginalised. The Government of Mongolia and other countries are calling for an International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists (IYRP) to increase their recognition and the importance of rangelands.

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