In 2014, Madagascar played host to the ILC Regional Forum and Assembly of Members 2014.  Participants benefitted from updates on membership expansion for the following year (2015), the revival of the platform's sub-regions as well as planning for the Africa Day of the 2015 ILC Global Land Forum.  

The Forum's outcomes aimed to put into action the priorities identified by participants, in order to allow the Framework and Guidelines (F&G) for Land Policy in Africa to promote equitable and just land policy which is transformative, and which best services marginalised groups.

Some of the meeting's activities included:  

  • Evaluating the situation on land reform in Africa five years after the publication of the F&G.  
  • Defining how land reform processes in the region can contribute to equitable, inclusive and transformative development.  
  • Identifying common institutional weaknesses with regards to the formulation and carrying out of land laws.  
  • Identifying how organisations working on land rights at the pan-African level can use the F&G to carry out their work.   can help to advance the issue of land rights at the pan-African level through the document (XYZ)
  • Make recommendations to improve the land rights of marginalised groups- women, indigenous communities and the landless etc. 


The Forum's program was divided to include the main themes present in ILC Africa's work-plan:

  • Women's Land Rights
  • Commercial pressures on land  
  • Défenseurs des droits humains dans le domaine du foncier
  • Community land rights  
  • Indigenous People's Land Rights
  • Droits territoriaux des peuples autochtones

The meeting also took into account new challenges influencing land tenure, including climate change, conflict, natural resource sovereignty and food sovereignty.