Africa Regional Assembly 2017

Date: 12-15 September 2017

Place: Mont Febe, Yaounde

Theme: Land Governance in Africa: Challenges and solutions from national experiences

The Africa regional assembly will focus on land governance in Africa and will examine the level of progress in the land rights debate.


For decades, land issues have dominated community, political and economic discussions in Africa. Recently, the trend has been that courtrooms all over the continent inundated with land disputes. Poor land governance and customary laws, systems that determine and administers land rights have denied many African breadwinners access to land (70 percent of all bread makers are farmers that depend heavily on lands). 

However, there has been progress in recent years in ensuring land rights and equality in international and national legal frameworks. Yet, the gaps are many. Not many countries have a complete grasp of what worked or failed in other countries. That is why ILC has identified land governance and reforms a priority issue for this regional assembly.

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