Investigating the use of communication approaches within land governance initiatives across the ILC network in Africa

Will N Barnett, masters student at the University of Sheffield
Viernes, 1st Noviembre 2019

For six weeks in June and July I undertook an internship and placement with the ILC within their Regional Coordination Unit for Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Camerún: la lucha por el derecho a la vivienda de los pueblos indígenas

Romuald Ngono, Community Legal Field Worker, Centre pour l'environnement et le Développement (CED)
Martes, 29th Octubre 2019

El derecho a la vivienda de los pueblos indígenas en el Camerún sigue siendo muy precario debido a la discriminación a la que se enfrentan y al no reconocimiento de su forma de vida en la legislación, lo que facilita su reubicación. 

Planning the Pastoral lands in Kenya: Launch for the Future of Land Use Planning to Pastoral Communities

Peter Ken Otieno, Technical Coordinator, Rangelands Initiative Africa/RECONCILE and Angela Nyanchama, Legal/Policy Research & Advocacy Officer at RECONCILE
Martes, 24th Septiembre 2019

Kenya identifies pastoralism as an important element for the growth of its economy. In its 2010 Constitution, it emphasizes that land use planning in pastoral areas is key in sustaining livestock in the Kenyan economy.

Fighting land corruption in Africa

Juliet Tsuma, Communication Assistant, ILC Africa
Martes, 24th Septiembre 2019

When development projects are announced in rural Africa, the elites and politically influential rush to acquire land in the space earmarked for development at cheaper rates. 

African land institutions make community land rights their priority

Patrick Kipalu, Director Africa Program-RRI
Jueves, 5th Septiembre 2019

Spurred by international policy commitments and growing demand from their constituencies, African land institutions are looking to place community land rights at the centre of national development agendas.

In DRC: an alternative report on indigenous people

Diel Mochire, Provincial Director, PIDP
Martes, 3rd Septiembre 2019

It has been 12 years since the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) ratified the United Nations declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples.