Kyrgyz Jayity

Using green economy to mitigate climate change in Kyrgyzstan

Miércoles, 20th Noviembre 2019

Members of the National Engagement Strategy (NES) Kyrgyzstan explores the principles of green economy to help mitigate climate change and empower farmers in the country's rural areas. 

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Open letter to the Prime Minister of India about Nagaland peace talk

Miércoles, 13th Noviembre 2019

This is a joint statement written by our member the Asia Indigenous Peoples' Pact (AIPP) together with the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA). It is originally published on Morung Express.

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Recognize environmental contribution of pastoralists: Experts

Lunes, 28th Octubre 2019

'Pastoralism should be integrated into agriculture and livestock to make agriculture profitable, conserve bio-diversity'

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Civil society organisations in Cambodia strive for inclusion in implementing land governance policies

Lunes, 28th Octubre 2019

Civil society organisations open a dialogue with government officials to pursue a people-led development that upholds human rights and protects the environment

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Photo Credit: ©IFAD/Radhika Chalasani

South Asian herders fight for right to roam as pressure to settle grows

Martes, 22nd Octubre 2019

Herders around the world are under pressure from governments to settle down and stop their livestock roaming, as they contend with land conflicts and climate change

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Las mujeres agricultoras de la India restauran las tierras de cultivo

Jueves, 17th Octubre 2019

En una pequeña aldea cerca de Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, las mujeres agricultoras cultivan sus tierras cultivando semillas autóctonas como mijo.

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