The CSOs and Government in Indonesia deliberate Tenure Security and Justice

Viernes, 26th Octubre 2018

Civil Society Coalition for the Tenurial Justice and the Indonesian Government are realising its commitment in addressing the land issue and land governance in the country. 

The journey to realise tenurial security and justice which have been the focus of the Civil Society Organisation (CSO) in Indonesia by building collaboration with the responsive sector of the Government has been started since 7 years ago through Tenure Conference 2011 conducted in Lombok, Indonsia. The said conference then resulted a manuscript on "Toward the Tenurial Security and Justice). The mentioned script has been the guidelines for the Government to create policies reform in governing the forest, people centred governance area expansion, and agrarian conflict settlement. 

Six years afterward, Civil Society Coalition for Tenurial Justice, together with the President Executive Office (KSP) and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry organised Tenure Conference 2017 as a collective forum to learn and assess the works done on land tenure reform and forest governance in realising the rights of the people, comprehending the root of the problems, and composing theworkplan and the road map for the works to be done in the next future. 

These have been compiled in a publication entitling "Realising the People's Right - Land Tenure Reform and Forest Governance in Indonesia". This publication is not only recorded the discussions occurring during the conference, but also consists of a set of technical and policy recommendation as well as action plans to accelerate the tenurial justice implementation. 

The ceremony of the documentation hand over held yesterday, and was hosted by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry office. Representatives of the CSOs were attending the event, as a commitment to build stronger collaboration with the Government to reach further on tenurial security and justice. 


*News and picture by ILC Asia