A Working Group Meeting on Pasture Land in Central Asia Reached its Excitement

Lunes, 13th Marzo 2017

Organized by ILC Asia members in Central Asia, KAFLU (Kyrgyz Association of Forest and Land Users) and JASIL, the working group which led on 21-22 of February in Bishkek, focused on sharing experiences and lesson learned from each participant. 28 participants from organization’s members from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan with some Kyrgyzstan’s government representative, deeply involved in every step of this event.

Upon a handicraft products exhibition, General Girector from KAFLU, JASIL, as well as the Vice Minister of Agriculture and Food production were delivering their opening remarks to officially opened this event. Each of the distinguished speakers underlined the common issues related to economy, ecology and social issues of pasture land in Central Asia.

Member of the organizations were then continued by presenting an overview of each of their countries' situation. A member of IESD (Kazakhstan) reported that “more than 75%” of the country territory is subjected to desertification” due to water shortage and inherited sovietise style of land ownership. In Mongolia, the member of MALM (Mongolian Land Management Association highlighted the significant percentage of herder’s family who has proposed loan to bank, in fact 65% of herder’s family posses less than 200 animals. The number, of course is not adequate to meet with their daily basis needs.

In small group or full session, a working group was conducted by targeting to each countries' representative thematic issue. The subjects used during the working group were as follows:

  • Tenure system and good practices 
  • Legal and policy support
  • Recognition of traditional pasture use right and mapping
  • Implementation on VGGT on governing pasture lands and forests
  • Community based pasture and natural resources management
  • Main concept and entry points of strategy by Range Land Initiatives in Central Asia.

As the conclusion of this event, the participants conveyed their support and encouragement for KAFLU to organize the 2017 ILC Asia Regional Assembly and Land Forum. The next working group will be lead on June 2017 in Ulanbataar, Mongolia. Lastly, the participants expressed their warm support to push this issue as international’s priority.

*This report was orginally written by Hijaba Ykhanbai - JASIL Director, and was edited for ILC website publication purpose.

*Photo is credited to JASIL