Learning Route “Innovative solutions for rural livelihoods improvement through Sustainable Forest Governance and Natural Resource Management: Lessons from the North East of India”


IFAD, PROCASUR and the North-East Region Community Resource Management Project for Uplands areas (NERCORMP) are pleased to announce the Learning Route “Innovative solutions for rural livelihoods improvement through Sustainable Forest Governance and Natural Resource Management: Lessons from the North East of India”.  

A Learning Route (LR) is a planned journey with learning objectives that are designed based on i) the knowledge needs of development practitioners that are faced with problems associated with rural poverty and, ii) the identification of relevant experiences in which local stakeholders have tackled similar challenges in innovative ways, with successful results and accumulated knowledge which is potentially useful to others. The Route allows for the experiential encounter between travelers and hosts, both having mutually useful experiences and knowledge. For more information on LRs, visit www.procasur.org

This Learning Route (LR) is organized in the frame of the Large Regional IFAD-Procasur Grant Programme "Strengthening Capacities and tools to scale up and disseminate Innovations" (2016-2018) and will take place in the North-East Region of India from the 20th to the 29th of May 2018.

The Objectives of the Learning Route

This Learning Route has the main objective of improving understanding amongst public and private actors and main stakeholders about innovative solutions and successful strategies for rural livelihoods improvement through Sustainable Forest Governance and Natural Resource Management.

Through the elaboration of an innovation plan, this Learning route will improve participants’ capacities to identify, analyze and scaling up good practices and innovative solutions of community-based forest governance and natural resources management.

This learning route will focus on the following three dimensions: 

  1. Community-based forest management as a potential driver for sustainable development and value creation in rural and indigenous peoples’ communities;
  2. Forest conservation practices aimed at enhancing biodiversity of forests and generating alternative livelihood solutions for rural and indigenous peoples’ communities from Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) through the involvement of women and youth
  3. Dialogue and convergence between rural communities and government institutions on community conservation initiatives.

Learning activities will be organized directly in the field thanks to the exchange and share of knowledge with local experiences, discussion panels with experts and thematic analysis workshops. Experts and technicians will be part of the team to provide additional inputs and suggestions for further improvements. 

Participants’ profile

20 rural practitioners will participate to this Learning Route and will be selected through a competitive process. Being a cross regional initiative, country teams will be selected from several Regions and mainly from: Western and Central Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific Regions.

The following profiles are encouraged to apply:

  • Professional staff of IFAD funded projects and main partners in the field working for projects focusing on Forests and/or NRM;
  • Representatives of development agencies, government and private sector representatives dealing with Forests and/or NRM;
  • Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) dealing with Forests and/or NRM.

Please note that it is highly recommended to submit applications of country teams composed by two to four members (represented by: government officials, IFAD project staff, implementing agencies, NGOs etc.) to generate positive learning dynamics and facilitate the replication of good practices analyzed during the Learning Route.

Female and youth candidates are highly encouraged to apply! 

Application process

Candidates for this Learning Route are welcome to submit their application forms and endorsement letters before the 15th of April 2018, to vsacco@procasur.org and kderrahi@procasur.org.

Early applications are encouraged.

We will be happy to provide you with more information on the Learning Route and guide you in the application process.

For more information, please contact us: Ms. Viviana Sacco: vsacco@procasur.org Mr. Karim Derrahi: kderrahi@procasur.org 

View the original call here: http://procasur.org/link_constact/02-04-2018/Call%20for%20Applications_Forest%20Governance_5.pdf?utm_source=East_India&utm_campaign=de89cd370e-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_04_05&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_fbf9123441-de89cd370e-225093549



Viviana Sacco