Tools and training materials to help mainstream gender in Humidtropics innovation platforms: Needs, priorities and perceptions module

Through this series of tools and training materials to help mainstream gender in Humidtropics activities, we will be learning about four important concepts regarding gender relations and equality that contribute to our community development endeavours. Before we name and discuss the gender related concepts in detail, we should briefly discuss why they are considered important. We believe these genders related concepts are important because of the positive impact they will have on your community. The way in which these concepts are important to your community has to do with your community’s economic, social and political development.

When your community increases its economic, social and political output, your whole community gains more resources per year. To that end, when your community can produce a lot more resources, every person in your community will benefit. More resources will improve your community’s overall health, education level, production level etc. These are the four concepts we will be learning about and how they will improve the overall welfare of every member of your community:

1. Control of Assets (CoA)

2. Power and Decision-Making (PDM)

3. Needs, Priorities and Perceptions (NPP)

4. Barriers to Participation (BtP)

It is important that we do more than simply claim that these concepts will improve your community. Therefore, throughout the learning process, you will learn exactly how implementing changes related to the four gender concepts will improve the welfare of every member of your community and why they work so well.