Expanding the Dialogue on Large-Scale Land Acquisition and its Alternatives

This case study highlights the process used by the Asian Farmers Association (AFA) to better involve grassroots organisations from three Asian countries in national, regional and international dialogues on large-scale land acquisitions (LSLAs). The project was implemented in Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines between 2011 and 2018. AFA works to improve and facilitate the involvement of Farmers' Organisations (FOs) in multi-stakeholder dialogues on agricultural land investments. Through their work, AFA capacitates FOs to engage with governments and land investors, and to better articulate their rights and interest in national, regional and international dialogue spaces. As a result, participating Farmers' Organisations have facilitated and influenced the rescission of unfavourable economic land concessions.

This case study is also part of the ILC's database of Good Practices. Learn, share and be inspired! 

Carmina Flores-Obanil (AFA), Amira Kheir (ILC Secretariat) and Wan Ki Meanna Yeung (Sheffield University)