A synthesis report of action-research projects on women’s access to land from Eastern Africa

The issue of women’s land access occupies centre stage, once again, as a result of increasing poverty and the 2007 global food crisis. Women need secure land access in order to produce food for their families, improve their welfare and participate in economic activities. Women’s secure access to land improves the chances that the countries involved will meet millennium development goals.

In spite of various efforts by states and international institutions, women continue to have insecure land tenure. To investigate why, between 2008 and 2010, the IDRC funded an ILC-coordinated research project on women’s land tenure security in Eastern and Southern Africa, in collaboration with MISR and PLAAS. This synthesis report focuses on Eastern Africa. The project aimed to:

  • support action-oriented research projects in producing credible evidence in sub-Saharan Africa through a small grants programme jointly coordinated by the subregional research institutions;
  • influence the formulation and implementation of policies relevant to women’s access to and control over land in sub-Saharan Africa, through advocacy based on research results; and
  • refine the research and action agendas on women’s access to and control over land by strengthening multistakeholder dialogue and partnerships at the global level.