2015 Award Recipient

During the 2015 Global Land Forum's 20 years celebration, the Uganda Land Alliance was announced the recipient of the 2015 ILC Award for their outstanding contribution towards ILC's 9th commitment  "effective actions against land grabbing".  

A Common Right

The Uganda Land Alliance is an exceptional example of an organisation who has used existing laws to empower and protect those living on and from the land. By working with over 50 communities in Uganda to set up Communal Land Associations (CLA), communities like Karamoja have been able to use existing laws to defend themselves against the insurgence of land grabbing and ensure fair compensation for invements. 

This is the the first time the existing law is being used for the benefit of protecting communal land rights in Uganda. 

In celebration of this great achievement, the ILC has documented ULA's work in the Karamoja region through a visual project entitled "A Common Right".  The Karamojong People live on and from their land, it is the life source of the community. In order to protect their way of life in an ever changing world, they are taking matters into their own hands. 

These are the Karamojong and this is their story

For more information on ULA's work with Communal Land Associations, read their case study and visit their website.

This film has been produced by Jason Taylor of The Source Project http://www.thesourcefilm.org 
Music by Gary Reuben Morris - http://www.hoorayface.bandcamp.com