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Understanding Gender Relations in the Land Discourse

Vidya Bhusnan Rawat and Sunila Singh
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Building Regional Solidarity for People-Centered Land Governance

Lundi, 5th août 2019

At the Facilitators’ Meeting in Ahmedabad, India, participants raised the importance of building regional solidarity among ILC Asia platforms in striving for people-centered land governance in the region.

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State of Land Rights and Land Governance in Eight Asian Countries

Antonio Quizon, Nathaniel Don Marquez
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The Seven Habits of Good Leaders: My Experience with the ILC Leadership Programme

Binod Gautam - Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Coordination, CSRC
Jeudi, 20th juin 2019

Binod Gautam of Community Self-Reliance Centre Nepal was a participant of the ILC Asia Leadership Programme back in March 2019 in the Philippines. In this blog, he shares with us the importance of youth leadership in claiming land rights in his community.

Des responsables népalais considèrent Landex comme un outil utile pour les processus nationaux

Lundi, 17th juin 2019

L’équipe pilote LANDex, dirigée par la SNE Népal et le Community Self-Reliance Center (CSRC), a organisé une table ronde qui s’est tenue aujourd’hui, à Lalitpur, Népal, pour discuter des résultats préliminaires de la plateforme concernant le pays

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LANDex Initiative Democratizes Land Monitoring and Puts People at the Center of Global Land Data

Jeudi, 28th mars 2019

WASHINGTON, DC – The LANDex initiative, to be launched this Thursday on the sidelines of the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference, is the first global dataset of its type to offer people-centered perspectives into the impacts of land governance.

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A land monitoring tool

A platform to monitor land governance

Mercredi, 10th avril 2019

On March 28th, 2019, the International Land Coalition launched LANDex at the sidelines of the 2019 World Bank Land & Poverty Conference in Washington DC.

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ILC Asia members commit on sustainable, reliable, and transparent data to advocate the responsible land governance

Mardi, 23rd octobre 2018

ILC Asia opens initiative on the inclusion of Land Watch Asia (LWA) campaign to be contributed in influencing the land policy formulation and implementation through evidence-based advocacy, constructive engagement with governments and regional organisations.

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