Certificate of Land Ownership Awards Distribution and Installation of Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries of Bago City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Vendredi, 6th octobre 2017

Thirty-one (31) agrarian reform beneficiaries from Barangay Calumangan, Bago City, Negros Occidental, received their certificates of land ownership award (CLOA).

The ceremony organized on September 27, 2017, during an installation activity facilitated by DAR. The ARBs are all members of the Calumangan Yusay Farmers Association (CAYFA). Also present at the event are representatives from AR Now!, KAISAHAN and Social Action Center (SAC) Bacolod, partner organizations of CAYFA and DAR providing free legal assistance, capacity building, and other support services for the ARBs.

The activity is part of the completion of the government’s Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program in the area. As of September 2017, most of the areas in Negros Occidental are still in the early stages of the LAD process, and the CAYFA members are part of the few who are near completion.

The activity is supposedly divided into three (3) parts: (1) the distribution of titles; (2) the installation ceremony; and (3) the actual installation, in which the ARBs will start putting markers to set boundaries in their newly-owned land and begin with land preparation.

The ARBs received titles covering a total of 16-hectares out of 32.98 hectares of undistributed land previously owned by the Felix Yusay Landholdings. In the installation ceremony, DAR reviewed the responsibilities of the ARBs and facilitated the oath-taking as new landowners.

However, the third part, the actual installation, was postponed because the previous landowners did not grant the ARBs and DAR the right of way to get to the covered area. Incidentally, the area of the ARBs is accessible via road passing through Yusay properties.

During the activity, DAR also relayed the offer of the Yusays to swap the covered area with another lot with road access, as a compromise to settle the issue on the right of way. The ARBs did not accept the offer since the other area is not suitable for farming.

DAR said that negotiations would continue, and promised to facilitate the actual installation as soon as the issue is settled.

News source and picture: Anthony N. Marzan (AR Now!)