Farmers in Indonesia is heading towards land ownership

Vendredi, 31st août 2018

After a long process of advocacy and struggle, the Mangkit Peasant Union (SPM) in Belang District, Southeast Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi, finally found a bright spot.

The decree of Tanah Objek Reforma Agraria (TORA) has finally submitted by Southeast Minahasa Municipality Government, and was received by SPM leader Simon Aling, during a ceremony organized on July 11. The community and farmers celebrated the delightful moment by shaving their hairs off their head.

The struggle of the farmers in maintaining this land has been going on for 31 years. The land was initially used by PT. Mawali Waya, lalu PT.Nusa Cipta Bakti dan PT.Kinamang Waya PT. Mawali Waya under a Right to Use title, after these companies abandoned the land, the local farmers took the initiative to work on the land and transform it into a productive land.
Simon Aling, SPM Leader expressed his gratitude for receiving the decree, as this means that the struggle to get the State's recognition of the land is getting closer.

Simon also confirmed his support for the upcoming GLF, which to be organized this September in Bandung, West Java. He confidents that the Global Land Forum is a moment to find solutions in answering the challenges encountered on land tenure and poverty issues globally. As quoted in his statement, "I hope that the 2018 GLF will be a momentum for all parties to unite in fighting for land rights. At the same time, this is the momentum for SPM to develop a network of agrarian reform movement at the global level, as well as to exchange experiences"

Story and picture by Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA)