ILC Asia Members' Declaration on the International Youth Day

Dimanche, 13th août 2017

For the very first time, ILC Asia started the discussion to include the youths within its struggle over land. Young farmers from five Asian countries gathered in Bogor, Indonesia from the 10th to 12th of August 2017. Participants in the regional gathering brainstormed ideas on youth and land which resulted in a common agenda of working together for a campaign with the commitments of organizations who participated. The initiative called “Securing the Future: Land Rights for Rural Youths” was opened on the occasion of International Youth Day 2017.

The main goal of this campaign is to realise rural youth activism for inclusive and sustainable development through promoting the role and initiative of rural youth in agriculture and access to land.

To affirm their commitment to rural youth and inclusive and sustainable development, the 5 (five) country-members generated a declaration on the occasion of International Youth Day 2017 to create space for the rural youth with the following outcomes:

  1. Rural youth must be able to engage with policy makers and stakeholders in their respective countries.

  2. Rural youth must be able to play a primary role in ongoing agriculture processes.

  3. Rural youth must be able to participate in bottom-up decision-making processes.

  4. Rural youth must be empowered to provide land-based opportunities.

  5. Rural youth must have access to all sources of development.

  6. Rural youth must be acknowledged for their important role in the reconstruction of society, in the eyes of the social, political, economic, and cultural change.

Mr. Shah I Mobin Jinnah and Mr. Manik Adhikary from CDA Bangladesh, Mr. Aneesh Kumar and Mr. Anurag Rai from Ekta Parishad India, Mr. Lorenzo Espacio and Mr. Noland Penas from AFA-Pakisama, the Philippines, Ms. Kong Sokchhoin and Ms. Sorn Sem from FNN Cambodia, Ms. Mardha Tillah and Mr. Yasiman from RMI Indonesia were participating during this series of event.


This three-day event was organized by Rimbawan Muda Indonesia, with the support of International Land Coalition Asia.

This event is also amplified to the media accross India.