Orientation for Journalists on "Land Rights of Women and Indigenous Peoples: Role of Media"

Lundi, 4th septembre 2017

The media plays an important role in highlighting the deprivation of the underprivileged groups in society and it is important for journalists who are working in the different sectors of the media to be aware of the rights of marginalized people including women and indigenous groups. 

In terms of land rights, ILC Asia member in Bangladesh, Association for Land Reform and Development (ALRD) organized a three-day training workshop on "Land Rights of Women and Indigenous People: Role of Media" for journalists with the support of ILC-NES Bangladesh country program. Twenty-eight journalists including 8 women from national and local newspapers and electronic media covering 17 districts of Bangladesh, participated in the training workshop.

The objectives of the training were defined as follows:

  1. To connect and mobilize the journalists on land rights of women and indigenous people;
  2. To increase their efficiency on land rights of indigenous and other marginalized communities including women in the contemporary reality;
  3. To enable the interpretation of the position of women and marginalized people in existing law, policy, land management system and judiciary;

The training discussed issues on land rights of women and indigenous communities, including the following topics:

  • The importance of public awareness, role of women's organization, and media;
  • Introduction of land survey and women's deprivation, land records and terminology; 
  • inheritance laws; 
  • women's position in arbitration management, minority land rights; 
  • the government's khas (state owned) land policy and restrictions, land registration;
  • violence against women and girls, the role of the state and civil society, discrimination and violence against indigenous people and women and its impact on development, women's contribution to agriculture, discrimination towards women, equal rights of women and CEDAW, etc.