Kyrgyz Jayity

Using green economy to mitigate climate change in Kyrgyzstan

Mercredi, 20th novembre 2019

Members of the National Engagement Strategy (NES) Kyrgyzstan explores the principles of green economy to help mitigate climate change and empower farmers in the country's rural areas. 

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Civil society organisations in Cambodia strive for inclusion in implementing land governance policies

Lundi, 28th octobre 2019

Civil society organisations open a dialogue with government officials to pursue a people-led development that upholds human rights and protects the environment

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En Inde, des agricultrices cherchent à restaurer des terres agricoles

Jeudi, 17th octobre 2019

Dans un petit village près d'Ahmedabad, Gujarat, en Inde, des agricultrices cultivent leurs terres agricoles en plantant des graines indigènes comme des mils.

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Central Asia Pastoral Alliance Moves Forward with New Triennial Work Plan

Samedi, 28th septembre 2019

The Central Asia arm of the Working Group of Asia Rangelands Initiative - or in ILC Asia terms, members of the Diverse Tenure Systems Commitment-Based Initiative (CBI 3) - has just recently held a strategic planning meeting for the next triennial work period.

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Green Camp : Un média pour renforcer les jeunes en tant qu'acteurs du changement social et environnemental

Lundi, 12th août 2019

Des jeunes Indonésiens sont exposés aux moyens de subsistance ruraux et apprennent à préserver l'environnement en rejoignant le camp vert de l'Institut indonésien des forêts et de l'environnement (RMI).

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Women and Agrarian Reform: Perspectives and Challenges

Lundi, 22nd juillet 2019

In a discussion organised by the Consortium of Agrarian Reform (KPA), women land rights defenders in Indonesia shared their views on what it takes to achieve a gender-just agrarian reform and secure land rights for all.

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