Increasing threats to IPs’ rights to LTR in Asia must be halted and reversed to realize SDGs

Mercredi, 27th mars 2019

Increasing threats to the rights to lands, territories and resources of indigenous peoples in Asia must be halted and reversed to realize Sustainable Development Goals in the region

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2017 HLPF : Land rights as a way to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Mercredi, 12th juillet 2017

As 2017 High Level Political Forum takes place in New York during 10-19 July 2017, ASIA takes its position to ensure that Land Rights is one of the crucial element to achieve the SDGs.

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Our commitment: Secure territorial rights for Indigenous Peoples

Lundi, 10th juillet 2017

Asia is home to more than half of the world’s population, where about 260 million indigenous peoples are spreading throughout the continent, making it the most culturally diverse region in the world. 

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One Voice on Earth Day from ILC Members in Asia

Lundi, 15th mai 2017

Securing the land rights is one of the most essential way to be taken in order to fight the climate change and safeguarding the Earth. Below are the stories compiled by ILC Asia, to show how the members in Asia addressing the land rights of the communities, as one of the way to save the earth from destruction. 

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