TRAINING - Strong and clear tenure rights for good governance


Date: 13-17 May 2019
Location: Nan, Thailand (with field visit)

Course fee: US$1,500
Deadline for registration: 30 April 2019

Organised by: RECOFTC, The Centre for People and Forests 

Clear tenure rights for local communities are an essential foundation for the sustainable management of forest landscapes. ‘Tenure rights’ refers to the legal and customary institutions and the relationships that govern access to resources. They determine who owns the land and how resources are allocated, used and managed. Local communities face many challenges to securing tenure rights. These challenges include access to information, top-down decision making, lack of trust among stakeholders, and limited consensus on what tenure rights encompass.

The Center for People and Forests’ upcoming course, Strong and clear tenure rights for good governance, will build your skills to help local communities address these challenges. You will learn how to enhance your knowledge of stakeholders and change attitudes, support local communities in securing their tenure rights, and prepare to participate in forest governance.

This course is designed for professionals from local and national governments, civil society and the private sector who are working to clarify and strengthen tenure rights and foster effective forest governance.

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